Low volume CNC machining is an industrial manufacturing behavior that produces a few pieces of products or parts ranging from a few to several hundred pieces using CNC machining technology. It takes 25%-30% of the total output value of the machining industry. There is a rising trend that businesses turn to cheap low volume CNC machining rather than mass production. Why?

1. Cost reduction

Because of fierce competition and a changeable economic environment, it is getting harder and harder for companies to obtain big orders. Small-batch orders cannot bring enough martins because of high mold costs. In this case, cheaper CNC machining is an excellent solution, which reduces time, mold, and material costs. 

cheap cnc machining,low volume cnc machining

2. Fast entry to new markets

By using CNC machining, enterprises can quickly introduce new products to new markets because it takes less time than conventional manufacturing methods.

cheap cnc machining,low volume cnc machining

3. Customized and flexible

CNC machining includes plastic, metal, and non-standard industrial parts machining. It is very suitable for customized orders in small batches. So, cheap low volume CNC machining enables companies to stay competitive by creating custom products in a short time, which allows them to meet the ever-changing demands of end customers.

cheap cnc machining,low volume cnc machining

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