2022 is the third year since COVID-19 broke out. China still sticks to the dynamic zero-COVID policy. How does it affect those CNC machining manufacturers? 

Firstly, let us have a glimpse of the definition of a dynamic zero-COVID policy. It is the general policy of the current prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic in China and refers to an integration of comprehensive prevention and control measures taken in China to quickly extinguish the outbreak in the present situation when there are indigenous cases. Under this policy, once a case occurs, it should be quickly identified and disposed of, thus cutting off the transmission chain, and achieving the goal of zero transmission in communities outside quarantine.

Following the lockdown of the first-tier city Shenzhen, the city with the largest number of cases was in lockdown for a while. Fortunately, most CNC machining manufacturers are located in Guangdong province. X Rapid Technologies is in Shenzhen city. Thanks to excellent epidemic prevention and control measures, we are running normally but do be affected.

1. Orders from foreign countries do decrease

Many CNC machined part manufacturers receive orders from companies outside China. Because of the epidemic, many big companies we serve have reduced R&D work. For example, an automotive company stops all new car development jobs. As a result, the orders of CNC machined parts for testing have decreased. 

CNC machined parts by X Rapid Technologies

Also, as the international situation is getting more complex, the businesses of many of our clients are growing very slowly, which has a negative effect on suppliers like us as well.

2. The influence on international shipment is limited

Most orders of CNC machined part manufacturers are shipped via international express as the quantity for prototypes is small in most cases. Due to the stronger infectiousness of Omicron, the time of some logistics staff back to work is delayed. Air logistics is mainly affected by the obstruction of road logistics distribution. Some routes are delayed or adjusted. But the overall impact is expected to be small because of the substantial scale effect of air logistics and the more mature measures of airport disinfection and prevention. 

The negative impact on sea transportation for orders in a larger batch is limited too. Domestic port operations remain stable, and the efficiency of land transportation in the collection and handling ports has slightly declined in the early stage of the epidemic lock. However, ports can partially mitigate the negative impact by opening dedicated channels, increasing water-water/water-rail transit, and the synergy of ports in the region. The subsequent catch-up effect will likely minimize the adverse impact if the epidemic is under control.

The prices are also stable now at lease in Shenzhen. 

3. Fewer projects mean more time for thinking, learning, and refreshing

As one of the CNC machining parts manufacturers in Shenzhen, X Rapid Technologies also gets fewer projects, which is a two-sided sword for us. There is more time for us to do something else instead of only working on projects one after one. We reconstructed our website for a new look and launched it on March 4. We collected previous projects and gathered processing knowledge to share our experience and knowledge about rapid prototyping and low-volume production. Also, we shared some impressive cases and news about the industries we serve on our new website. Our official social media accounts, including LinkedIn and Facebook, were also created. We will continue to update our blog and social media content in the coming days. We are expecting interaction with you.


Honestly, the dynamic zero-COVID policy is a challenge and a chance for CNC machined part manufacturers at the same time. We believe that we will all “live with” the epidemic one day. And X Rapid Technologies will always be the CNC machining parts manufacturer that keeps learning and growing with our clients. Be hopeful and do what we can do at the moment. Things are gonna be OK. 

As China has opened up again at the end of 2022, we believe the year 2023 would be promising. X Rapid Technologies is always grateful for all the trust and support from our beloved clients and is willing to make 2023 a year of prosperity together!