rapid manufacturing

X Rapid Technologies (Shenzhen) Limited is a rapid prototype and low-volume production service provider. Located in Shenzhen city, China’s Silicon Valley, we have over a decade of experience in the prototyping industry, producing exciting experiences for creative businesses and individuals. 

Instead of just being the prototype maker, we see from the perspective of manufacturing for mass production, to bring the concept to end production as fast as possible. 

Summer, the founder, has been involved in the rapid prototyping field for over 10 years since graduating from university. For her, starting a company to actualize her value to a greater extent was like a dream come true. It is now her lifelong career of zest rather than just a job. Summer enjoys witnessing numerous new products coming from the initial ideas and designs. As a result of her continuous passion, the whole team at X Rapid Technologies has put their hearts and souls into the industry. And we will continue to energize our clients to get their new products to the market and make big fat profits.

Chubby, our Chief Happiness Officer, witnessed the creation and growth of the company. She is also our Chief Morale Officer. Every time Chubby is here, her presence brings happiness and cheers us up. And she loves cakes and would like to share them with other employees. We enjoy joyful days with Chubby here very much.


Our logo is a design comprised of the letter “X” and an arrowhead. The image looks like a running man, demonstrating speed and fast reaction. Through the X logo, we want to dedicate that we react rapidly to clients’ demands and have a short turnaround. Moreover, it conveys our hope to grow with our customers rapidly.


So far, the team has perfectly delivered numerous successful projects applied in industries covering automotive, consumer electronics products, medical, etc. Due to quick response, on-time delivery, high quality, stable manufacturing capacities, and 1-on-1 project manager operation, we win the trust of worldwide clients. Over 1,000 international clients have worked with X Rapid Technologies for years, and about 1,000,000 parts have been delivered around the globe. We strive to help you steal a march on your competitor by getting your ideas or designs to market quickly and early.