Rapid Molding with Reaction Injection Molding

Reaction Injection Molding(RIM) is a type of rapid molding process for making unreinforced thermoset parts. Get a quote today for the one-stop RIM service.

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Reaction injection molding is one of the most popular and efficient rapid molding processes that allows manufacturers to create a large number of components efficiently. X Rapid Technologies offer this reaction injection molding technology so that you can have the most accurate outcomes.

What is Reaction injection molding? 

It is the most popular Rapid molding technology that allows manufacturers to develop unreinforced thermoset parts rapidly at low pressure and room temperature. This Rapid molding process uses a simple resin injection system with two pressurized chambers. 

There are several benefits of using reaction injection molding. Rapid molding is essential for the manufacturing industry as it allows you to understand your final product and its functionalities. With Rapid molding, you can correct or modify the drawbacks and launch a flawless product in the market to give tough competition to your competitors. But, for this, it is very important that the component that is produced by the molding reflects exactly the same as your thought or your design. That's why reaction injection molding is the most preferred option of rapid molding across the globe.

Benefits of reaction injection molding

This Rapid molding process comes with several advantages. Some of the key benefits are mentioned below.

This molding technology allows you to create large parts with even material distribution. This process can create parts that can't be created in other ways.

As reaction injection molding uses low injection pressures, manufacturers can use several low-cost molding materials such as steel, aluminum, Kirksite alloys, nickel, etc.

This molding process gives you the freedom to design as it can create the most complex designs with accuracy and detailing so that you don't have to compromise. This process can create Monolithic parts with varying walls with accuracy.

Reaction injection molding is perfect for shorter production runs of less than 5000. It is also much less expensive than traditional injection molding. This also allows manufacturers to undergo functionality and other tests before cutting actual high-pressure injection molding.

This molding process can deliver amazing finishing and smooth surfaces. Manufacturers can produce high-quality painted parts by using this rapid molding technology. 

The tooling of reaction injection molding is generally less than traditional injection molding technologies.

If compared to the resin transfer molding process, the labor requirement for this rapid molding technology is way less. You can save labor costs as it will lower the overall production cost. 

It requires less floor space compared to traditional injection molding technologies.

This rapid molding technology requires less energy to work compared to other traditional injection molding technology. 

So, we can say that reaction injection molding is not only the best option to create accurate prototypes, but it also can help to reduce the production cost. This can be the best option when you are looking for a rapid molding technology that can provide you with the accuracy you are looking for.

Where to get the best reaction injection molding service? 

We, X Rapid Technologies, offer one stop reaction injection molding solutions to our clients. We understand the importance of rapid molding in different industries. Whether it is rapid mold-making, surface treatment, parts machining, packing, assembly, or global shipping, we are here at your service to provide you with the best solutions on time. We believe in 100% professionalism, and all of our team members are highly experienced in the fields with great knowledge. We make sure to deliver you the hundred percent accurate service so that you can continue climbing the letter of success. No matter for which industrial use you need, our best-in-class rapid molding service is here to help you out.

Reaction Injection Molding

Reaction injection molding (RIM) is a rapid molding process for making unreinforced thermoset parts rapidly in an environment of low pressure and room temperature. It uses a simple resin injection system with two pressurized chambers. The tools can usually last for up to 100 shots, and molded components can be solid like an injection-molded ABS, PP, structural foam, or rubber.

X Rapid Technologies offers a one-stop reaction injection molding service from rapid mold-making, parts machining, surface treatment, assembly, packing to global shipping. With over a decade of experience, we are your trusted reaction injection molding partner to fulfill all your rapid molding needs.

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Making Large Parts at Low Cost

We produce large, light-weight,
and thin-walled complex items by rapid molding process
at a cost lower than mass production.

Different Wall Thickness Within One Part Available

The wall thickness can vary from 4 mm to
30 mm within the same part without distortion.

Low Production Runs

Perfect, cost-effective low volume annual production from a few hundred to thousands of parts.

Material Options

PU, ureaformaldehyde, nylon, styrene class resin, and epoxy resin