rapid tooling,direct rapid tooling

Rapid Tooling

Rapid tooling is a faster manufacturing way compared with traditional injection molding methods. It produces an aluminum, steel, epoxy resin, or silicone tool quickly, which enables one to make a low volume of 100 to 5,000 parts in a short time. The tools can be molds, dies, or patterns. It is a money-saving method to evaluate the tool's or product's processing performances before going into production or testing the market through direct rapid tooling.

X Rapid Technologies can manufacture one mold within 10 days via direct rapid tooling. In this case, we provide a quick way to turn your creative ideas into products with the quality as the conventionally molded ones.

General working process of rapid tooling

The tool is usually created based on a three-dimensional CAD model. Then it is made via CNC machining, 3D printing, or other methods. The tool is then utilized to produce the prototypes or end-use parts. The whole process is usually within a few weeks.

Advantages of rapid tooling

·  Short lead time. Molds or tools can be ready within days or weeks.

·  Easily reproducible.

·  Helps to reduce prototyping and product development cycles.

·  Helps to test the parameters for mass production, such as the materials and product design.

·  Very suitable for short-run production of up to 5,000 parts. 

·  Highly customized for personal application.

·  More cost-effective than conventional tooling methods.

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rapid tooling,direct rapid tooling

Short mold-making time and about 1,000 shots per mold tremendously cut the costs of each part.

rapid tooling,direct rapid tooling
Good Surface Finishing after Demoulding

Tailored molds to realize smooth, glossy, and textured surfaces while machining. Multiple ways of surface treatments of direct rapid tooling are also available.

rapid tooling,direct rapid tooling
End-use Quality

We produce high-quality components in line with those of mass production via direct rapid tooling.

Material Options

Any plastics and rubber material of actual production grades, such as ABS, PC, PMMA, PA, POM, etc.

Rapid Tooling FAQs

At X Rapid Technologies, we don’t have the minimum order quantity for direct rapid tooling. If it is for plastic part molding, the quantity is usually dozens or hundreds of parts. If the amount is too small, the tool cost is hardly offset by the product cost. Then rapid tooling is not necessary.

No matter if it is for prototype fabrication or short-run production, those finishings available for plastic parts can all be done with rapid tooling parts.

It depends on the quantities, product sizes, and finishing. It often takes longer than other rapid prototyping methods.

Direct rapid tooling is widely applied for the production of light usage or the short-run manufacturing of large parts within a short turnaround time. It could be prototype fabrication or end-use product manufacturing.

Besides direct rapid tooling, for rapid prototyping services, we provide CNC machining, vacuum casting, 3D printing, extrusion, and die casting. There is also another rapid injection molding service that uses molds like rapid tooling. It is reaction injection molding.