Direct Rapid Tooling with Good Finishing

The direct rapid tooling of X Rapid Technologies is a fast and accurate prototyping service with great cost-effectiveness. The molded parts also embrace good surface finishing.

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Rapid tooling is one of the best methods to test the design of your product. Accuracy is a very important part of rapid tooling. That's why X rapid technologies is offering one-stop direct rapid tooling solutions.

Rapid tooling is a very famous technology to prototype a product or test the designs of that product before launching in the market. It is important to test your product before you are willing to sell it. Direct rapid tooling services are getting more popular across the globe because of the impressive benefits of this tooling process. Let's have a look at the most impressive benefits of this tooling process.

  • Every manufacturer wants to launch their product in the market as soon as possible. The faster the prototyping gets completed, the sooner you will be able to launch your product after doing the required modifications. With rapid tooling, you don't need to wait for a long time as it is the quickest to test your design and move on with other steps. In this process, computer-based models are created, and the automated machine handles the rest. 
  • Production cost is a matter of concern. It is way more cost-effective than assigning an engineer to create the prototypes manually. As it takes less time to create prototypes, the overall product development cost decreases.
  • In the process of direct rapid tooling, you can make hundreds or thousands of products without compromising the quality at all. As it delivers the product way quicker, you can have the freedom to change the design if you want to. Rapid tooling gives manufacturers the freedom to experiment with designs. It is the best process to test your designs. 
  • Direct rapid tooling allows manufacturers to use different tooling materials. One can use rapid tooling to create a custom mold with virtually any physical dimension in a short period. If you are not sure about which material will be able to give you the most accurate result, you can use multiple materials and make prototypes by using them. You also can do quality control tests on them.
  • Direct rapid tooling can deliver you the most accurate outcomes so that you can understand what modifications are required in your product and its design. No matter for which industry you are willing to use a rapid tooling service, it can offer you accurate results. 
  • Rapid tooling allows you to avoid any products failure and similar risks in the market. Manufacturers can run necessary tests on the product 
  • As a direct rapid tooling process will reduce your prototyping and production cost, it will increase your overall ROI. Rapid tooling will allow you to recoup any upfront expenses quickly. 
  • Direct rapid tooling is becoming more accessible over the days. Because of its easy interface and variety of options. Entrepreneurs across the globe have many resources of tooling materials nowadays 
  • Direct rapid tooling is the best option when it comes to prototyping as it is not only a money-saving option but also reduces the production time without compromising the accuracy and efficiency. 

Where to get the best rapid tooling service? 

If you are looking for an efficient and quality direct rapid tooling service, we, X rapid technologies, are at your service. With years of experience in this industry, we make sure to provide our clients with the best-in-class service. We can manufacture a mold within 10 days by using our direct rapid tooling technology without compromising the quality. We understand how much accurate, rapid tooling is important for the success of your product, and our skilled technicians know how to deliver you the best results. Book the best direct rapid tooling service now.  Contact us today for further discussion.

Questions Others Will Ask:

What is direct rapid tooling?

Direct rapid tooling is actually more commonly used during manufacturing than for prototyping. In a short-run production, this type of rapid tooling enables you to create a mold or tool very quickly and begin producing products from it almost immediately.

Which of the following is not a direct rapid tooling method?

Q. Which one of the following is not a direct rapid tooling method?B. Direct AIM (ACES Injection Molding)C. Sand MoldingD. Injection molding

What is direct tooling in additive manufacturing?

Two broad categories of rapid tooling exist: Indirect or Pattern-based Tooling approaches use master patterns to produce a mold or die, and Direct Tooling, where the additive process builds the actual molds.

What is rapid tooling process?

Rapid tooling (RT) and rapid prototyping (RP) is any method or technology that enables one to produce a tool or product quickly. The term rapid tooling refers to RT-driven tooling. A prototype is a 3-D model suitable for use in the preliminary testing and evaluation of a mold, die or product.

Which tooling is belongs to rapid tooling?

RT is generally categorized as soft or hard and direct or indirect tooling as illustrated in Fig. 2. The wide range of materials involved in tooling includes wax, wood, photopolymers, thermal polymers, metals (such as tool steels), ceramics (such as alumina and silica), and composites.

Rapid Tooling

Rapid tooling produces an aluminum, steel, or silicone tool quickly, which enables one to machine a low volume of 100 to 2,000 parts in a short time. It is a money-saving method to evaluate the tool's or product's processing performances before going into production or testing the market through direct rapid tooling.

X Rapid Technologies can manufacture one mold within 10 days via direct rapid tooling. In this case, we provide a quick way to turn your creative ideas into products with the quality as the conventionally molded ones.

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Short mold-making time and about 1,000 shots per mold tremendously cut the costs of each part.

Good Surface Finishing after Demoulding

Tailored molds to realize smooth, glossy, and textured surfaces while machining. Multiple ways of surface treatments of direct rapid tooling are also available.

End-use Quality

We produce high-quality components in line with those of mass production via direct rapid tooling.

Material Options

Any plastics and rubber material of actual production grades