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CNC Grinding

CNC (computer numerical control) grinding, one type of CNC machining service, utilizes a rotating grinding wheel with high speed to remove material, ideal for CNC machining of hard metals. The CNC grinding machines usually work in two directions: longitudinally or transversely. 

Despite one of the CNC machining services, CNC grinding is also utilized for surface finishing to improve the surfaces on turned components at X Rapid Technologies. We strive to provide high-quality customized CNC grinding services within a quick turn time scale.

Tolerances of CNC grinding services

Tolerances depend on the geometry of CNC machining components. There is a tolerance of +/- 0.05 mm in general. Higher tolerances are available on request for all CNC machining services.

Finishing for CNC grinding prototypes

CNC grinding prototypes can be as machined, de-burred, painted, silk screened, electroplated, anodized, etc. It all depends on your needs for CNC machining services. All those surface treatments available to metal CNC machining components can also be applied to CNC grinding parts.

Advantages of CNC grinding services

· High surface quality: CNC grinding brings low surface roughness and high accuracy of shape and dimension. Different wheel speeds can customize the surface finishing.

· High efficiency: Fast cycle times of CNC grinding machines ensure high efficiency. They can also work longer without breaks.

· Tight tolerances: The precision of CNC machining components by CNC grinding can be very high.

· Just less skilled people and limited supervision are needed to execute CNC grinding projects among CNC machining services.

Applications of CNC grinding services

CNC grinding is perfectly suited to produce rounded-shaped CNC machining components, such as shafts, rollers, valves, ball bearings, shrouds, vanes, fairings, panels, etc. It is also widely applied for surface treatment for parts by other CNC machining services to achieve super finishing such as mirror surfaces on flat and square surfaces.

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Material Options for CNC Grinding Service

Aluminum, copper, brass, zinc, stainless steel, steel alloys, magnesium, etc.

Why Choose X Rapid Technologies for CNC Grinding Services?

cnc machining service,cnc machining centers,cnc machining components

Super Surface Finishing

Our surface quality of CNC grinded components that can be achieved is very high. Sometimes, they even don’t need extra surface treatment.

cnc machining service,cnc machining centers,cnc machining components

High Precision

With the latest CNC grinding machines and experienced technicians, we deliver high-precision grinded parts in a repeatable and identical manner.

cnc machining service,cnc machining centers,cnc machining components

Just-In-Time Delivery

Apart from instant quotes and short lead time, we push our limits to meet your time demands for all types of CNC machining services.

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Reasons you need a CNC machining rapid prototyping service:

Easy to change: Selecting CNC machining rapid prototyping helps you to continue making improvements. It is relatively easy to edit and change your prototype because computer programs control CNC machining. Mimics Finished product: While you are choosing CNC machining rapid prototyping, the prototype is going to closely resemble that of the finished product, including functionality and appearance. CNC machining can be used for multiple pieces or a single finished product. Fast turnaround: CNC machining rapid prototyping is an efficient process that gives you various units in a very short period of time. After the process is set up and design files are perfected, the machines will work precisely and quickly.

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X Rapid Technologies- the one-stop solution for prototyping products

No matter which prototyping process you are willing to use for making the prototypes of your product, we are here at your service to provide you with the best. Whether CNC machining, 3D printing, vacuum casting, or any other process is suitable for your product, our highly experienced and skilled technicians will provide you with an accurate prototype of the product that can reflect the end-use product perfectly. We have been prototyping different products for years and know which technology on which material will be best for your product so that the product can beat its competitors in the market.

CNC Grinding Service FAQs

To make CNC machining components via CNC grinding, please send us files in CAD, STP, STEP, IGS, or X_T format. 

The lead time for creating a one-off CNC grinding prototype is usually no less than 3 days. It varies for different projects. We will estimate the lead time during the quoting period.

Sure. We have served the international markets for over 10 years and delivered over 100,000 CNC machined components globally. Witnessing numerous CNC grinding prototypes going to the global markets is an honor and delight for us.

In addition to CNC grinding service, we majorly provide CNC milling, CNC turning, and CNC cutting services to process all kinds of CNC machining components. 

Of course. You can look at our CNC machining components on our Case Studies page for CNC machining services. Or contact us for some pictures of CNC machining components.