sheet metal box fabrication,sheet metal ductwork fabrication

Sheet Metal Welding

Sheet metal welding is a process of sheet metal fabrication. After different sheet metal parts are fabricated separately, they need to be joined together and then welding is required. It is a process for partial or overall heating or plastic deformation of the sheet metal part, or simultaneous heating and plastic deformation to achieve a permanent connection. The common sheet metal welding techniques include metal inert gas welding (MIG), tungsten inert gas welding (TIG), stick welding, plasma arc welding, laser and electron beam welding, gas welding, and others.

X Rapid Technologies provides one-stop sheet metal fabrication services including sheet metal welding. We can deliver high-grade well-assembled sheet metal prototypes and low-volume products. Contact us today to get started on your projects like sheet metal box/ductwork fabrication.

Finishing for sheet metal welding prototypes

Surface treatments including painting, powder coating, silk screening, anodizing, bead blasting, electroplating, and brushing are all available for all kinds of sheet metal welding needs including sheet metal box/ductwork fabrication. 

Advantages of sheet metal welding services

· Saves material and reduces structural weight.

· Simplifies processing and assembly procedures and improves production efficiency.

· High structural strength and good joint sealing, providing greater flexibility for structural design.

Applications of sheet metal welding services

Sheet metal welding is more like an assembly process in sheet metal fabrication for three-dimensional products, like boxes, bins, cages, containers, panels, and cabinets. For example, in sheet metal box/ductwork fabrication, welding is a necessity.

Tips for sheet metal box/ductwork fabrication

· Galvanized mild steel and stainless steel are widely used for sheet metal ductwork fabrication.

· Sheet metal ductwork fabrication must ensure proper welding to avoid air leaks.

· Sheet metal box fabrication is commonly used for electrical utility products. 

· The two most common materials used in sheet metal box fabrication are stainless steel and aluminum.

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Material Options for Sheet Metal Welding Service

Aluminum, copper, brass, zinc, stainless steel, steel alloys, magnesium, etc.

Why Choose X Rapid Technologies for Sheet Metal Welding Services?

sheet metal box fabrication,sheet metal ductwork fabrication

High-degree Flexibility

We work with high flexibility to guarantee all your sheet metal fabrication needs can be fully met.

sheet metal box fabrication,sheet metal ductwork fabrication

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Tight lead time is not an issue for us. We are committed to on-time delivery.

sheet metal box fabrication,sheet metal ductwork fabrication

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At X Rapid Technologies, the customer is always first. We deliver goal-oriented, forward-thinking, and problem-solving services all the time.

Sheet Metal Welding FAQs

Please send us files in CAD, STP, STEP, IGS, or X_T format. 

The lead time for creating a one-off sheet metal welding prototype is usually no less than 3 days. It varies for different projects. We will estimate the lead time during the quoting period.

Sure. We have served the international markets for over 10 years and delivered a great many sheet metal rapid prototypes globally. 

In addition to sheet metal welding services, we majorly provide sheet metal cutting, sheet metal forming, and sheet metal stamping services to process all kinds of sheet metal rapid prototypes and low-volume components, including sheet metal box/ductwork fabrication. 

You can contact us for some pictures of our previous projects for sheet metal box/ductwork fabrication.