Why X Rapid Technologies

More than just a prototype and low volume manufacturing service provider, X Rapid Technologies tries our best to be deeply involved in the process of your product life cycle management and to help you bring your new products to the market quickly.


Work with X Rapid Technologies, and you will get:

Fast quotation

Quote within 24 hours

Highly competitive prices in the market

Our cost-effective offer helps you to save big

Comprehensive production capabilities

Your every requirement will be met and parts will be delivered within 7 days based on our integrated manufacturing ability

Always-timely response

We are always ready to react to any questions and issues at any time to ensure your ultimate consumer experience

Professional and feasible advice on design

We provide advice and support on your design from the view of production based on our years of manufacturing experience

IP protection

X Rapid Technologies attaches great importance to protecting customers' property rights and guarantees confidentiality during the whole process.We would be delighted to sign the
Non-Disclosure Agreement if you need it

How to work with X Rapid Technologies

Kindly send us your 3D files (in CAD, STP, STEP, IGS or X_T format),
and you will get an instant quote within 24 hours and have your parts ready about 7 working days!