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The sheet metal prototype fabrication service of X Rapid Technologies is flexible, accurate, and fast. Enjoy a cost-effective prototyping service for your metal parts today.

Get the best sheet metal prototype fabrication with X Rapid Technologies

Sheet metal prototype fabrication is much more expensive than CNC machining. However, here at X Rapid Technologies, we offer faster and cheapest sheet metal prototype fabrication solutions for various components that are made from 3D CAD files.

Sheet metal prototype fabrication is getting more popular and the best alternative for CNC machining. However, Sheet metal prototype fabrication can become a bit more expensive than CNC machining when you are manufacturing metal parts with a uniform wall thickness of less than 6 mm. The Sheet metal prototype fabrication enables us to cut through, punch and bend the metal sheets into the form and shape you desire. X Rapid Technologies offers the best sheet metal prototype fabrication solutions for any 3D CAD file. We can easily supply low-volume prototypes and high-volume production runs.

What is sheet metal prototype fabrication?

Sheet metal prototype fabrication is a manufacturing process to cut through metal, punching and bending it, to turn sheet metal stock into functional parts. The sheet metal prototype fabrication usually consists of sheet metal that is in size between 0.006 and 0.25 inches (0.015 and 0.635 centimeters) thick. Sheet metal prototype fabrication involves many processes, including cutting, bending, and punching.

Sheet metal prototype fabrication has many applications, such as creating either functional prototypes through Sheet metal prototype fabrication or end-use parts. Sheet metal prototype fabrication requires less time and money and can be applied to end-use production. Industries like aerospace, automotive, construction, electronics, healthcare, appliances, etc., use Sheet metal prototype fabrication for creating different metal parts.

What are three major steps in Sheet metal prototype fabrication?

The sheet metal prototype fabrication involves various steps to get perfectly shaped sheet metals. You can use different types of components as well, such as plastics, stainless steel, Aluminum, mild steel, copper and zinc, etc. In sheet metal prototype fabrication, there are expert sheet metal technicians who usually start with flat pieces of metal and then turn them into the product. The sheet metal prototype fabrication has three major prototype fabrication processes, such as:

Why should you consider sheet metal prototype fabrication?

Sheet metal prototype fabrication is very beneficial for your business. As sheet metal prototype fabrication helps companies to remove any extra guesswork when in manufacturing. Sheet metal prototype fabrication helps to create an accurate prototype that can act as a test sample or master model of your design so that you can clear your design concepts. With the help of Sheet metal prototype fabrication you can test the capability of your designs and also can be able to detect any flaws or malfunctioning.

While it's true that the initial cost of sheet metal prototype fabrication can be very high but with the help of sheet metal prototype fabrication you don't have to worry about spending more money when you will go all-in with production.

Get the best sheet metal prototype fabrication with X Rapid Technologies:

At X Rapid Technologies, we provide the best sheet metal prototype fabrication for various metal components. There is no MOQ limit for sheet metal prototype fabrication to meet all your demand. You can choose the anodizing, painting, and electroplating at the end to get the highest quality via sheet metal prototype fabrication. X Rapid Technologies is one such sheet metal prototype fabrication company that can efficiently produce sheet metals with a thickness of less than 6mm and turn them into perfectly bent parts or solid cases. Contact us today for the best quote on sheet metal prototype fabrication.

Questions Others Will Ask:

What is sheet metal prototyping?

Updated 11 march 2021. Sheet metal fabrication is the process of forming metal sheets to the desired shape using different manufacturing methods. The completion of a product usually comprises of many steps – from cutting and bending to surface treatment and assembling.

What is sheet metal design and fabrication?

In the broadest sense, sheet metal fabrication is the creation of metal structures by using a variety of processes. Most often sheets of steel or other metal materials are processed and assembled to create a larger final product.

What are the 3 metal fabrication techniques?

And while different metal fabrication companies use different techniques, most rely on three basic processes: cutting, bending and assembling.

#1) Cutting. The first process of metal fabrication is cutting. ...#2) Bending. After cutting raw metal, metal fabrication companies must bend it. ...#3) Assembling.

What is the basic of sheet metal?

Sheet Metal Fabrication is the process of forming parts from a metal sheet by punching, cutting, stamping, and bending. 3D CAD files are converted into machine code, which controls a machine to precisely cut and form the sheets into the final part.

How many types of fabrication are there?

Cutting, punching, forming, shearing, stamping, welding are common fabrication techniques used to shape, cut, or mold raw metal material into a final product. Fabrication is distinct from other manufacturing processes.

Via sheet metal fabrication, metal sheets are cut, punched, and bent into different forms on demand. It is more cost-effective than CNC machining when manufacturing metal parts with a uniform wall thickness of less than 6 mm.

X Rapid Technologies provides fast and cost-effective sheet metal prototype fabrication solutions for any components that need to be made from 3D CAD files. We can supply any quantity of parts from low-volume prototypes to high-volume production runs.

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Flexible Production Runs

No MOQ limit for sheet metal prototype fabrication. All your quantity demands can be fully met.

Exquisite Surface Finishing

Abundant finishing choices such as painting, anodizing and electroplating to achieve
end-use quality through sheet metal prototype fabrication.

Short Lead Time

Parts via sheet metal prototype fabrication can be delivered within 7 days.

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