One of the materials that are great and famous for their mechanical strength and their uses in initial stage rough prototypes, ABS is an essential plastic material in different industries worldwide. The material is not that costly compared to other materials of the same category. Not to mention, ABS prototypes with surface finishing are also more effective than other plastic ones. 


As ABS has a high melting point and easy standability, it is very suitable to be painted on surfaces to look astonishing and stay in great shape. Its ability to be post-processed with acetone makes it even more popular. As ABS is a high reactor to acetone, a material used for cleaning purposes, we can use this to our advantage to perform the vapor smoothing process. It removes all the visible layer lines and gives the ABS a smooth surface finish.

X Rapid Technologies offers the best finished ABS prototypes/models/mockups with our top-tier raw materials. Our hardworking technicians have a lot of experience doing the best surface treatments by delivering the best results in the industry in years. We can assure you that the ABS prototypes with finishing that you will get from us will surely help you verify your appearance design.


It is highly recommended that you make sure that the ABS prototypes you are taking are worth the money and hold the signs of quality if you want ABS prototypes with excellent surface treatments. In many cases, many companies simply show you some samples of their products that would look good. But you would not know whether they look good or are of good quality. However, if you would like to order the finished ABS prototypes from us before we even begin the entire process, we will have a proper discussion with you. So we can better understand your needs in terms of finishes, tolerances, and qualities. After that workers who excel at working on appearance prototypes will try their best to bring them to reality. Even before the delivery, to ensure the work was a success, we will do a strict inspection. All these help us give you the best outcome.

We can proudly say that our finished ABS prototypes have gained popularity among our global-based customers. Feel free to contact us and discuss what appearance prototypes you want and what qualities and finishings they should have. We will deliver just the thing. Get your quotes from our website now!