X Rapid Technologies was officially founded in 2017. Summer Zhou, the founder, has been working in the rapid prototyping field for over 10 years since graduation from university. Starting a company as a custom part manufacturer to actualize her value to a greater extent, was like a dream come true for her. It is now her lifelong career of zest rather than just a job. Summer enjoys witnessing numerous new products coming out from the initial ideas and designs. Because of her continuous passion, the whole team of X Rapid Technologies has put all their heart and soul into the industry since its foundation. And we will continue to energize our clients to get their new products to the market and make big fat profits.

Being a custom part manufacturer means that we are professional enough to offer personalized services for each project and get it done from start to finish. Specifically, X Rapid Technologies is a custom part manufacturer of plastic and metal prototypes and low-volume parts. All the parts need to be made from specific 3D files; sometimes 2D files are also necessary. Normally, companies or individuals who are developing new physical products will need customized prototypes to test their designs, including functions and appearance. In this case, they will turn to custom part manufacturers like us. 

So as one of numerous custom part manufacturers, X Rapid Technologies always knows our work helps creative companies and individuals make life better. It is the original intention why the company was established. X Rapid Technologies still has a long way to go. The run is far from over. And we will be always right where our customers need us to be.

We usually serve the below sectors:

  • Automotive
  • Medical device
  • consumer electronics
  • Aerospace
  • Marine
  • Appliance
  • Industrial products
  • And more......

There is a wide range of materials we can manufacture.


ABS (imported, domestic, black color, flame-retardant), PMMA (acrylic), PP, PC, POM, PA, ABS+PC, PVC, PBT, CPVC, Bakelite, etc


Aluminum, copper, brass, zinc, stainless steel, steel alloys, magnesium, etc


Resin, soft rubber, etc

Notes: please you are not sure if we can manufacture your desired materials, don’t hesitate to contact us to confirm. We are always ready to help.


How can I get a quote?

We are delighted to receive your e-mails and calls. Just send e-mails to michelle.chen@x-rprt.com or xprototype@x-rprt.com, or call +86 0755 21016744.

We offer a 24-hour quote turnaround.

Which countries do you deliver the parts to?

We can deliver all over the world. 

What are your tolerances?

Tolerances depend on varied factors, such as the machining method, the material, and the finishing. Just send your 3D drawings. Our seasoned engineers will provide the most manufacturing solutions per your requirements.

What surface treatments can you do?

We are proud to offer all surface treatments required for rapid prototyping and low-volume production, including deburring, sanding, polishing, painting, electroplating, anodizing, silkscreening, laser engraving, and so on.

Do you only make prototype parts?

There is no MOQ (minimum order quantity) for rapid prototyping. It is a customized work based on 3D drawings. People may design things to develop new products or may simply want to make things for self-use. Our manufacturing capabilities can meet all your demands.