Rapid 3D printing has always been at the center of public opinion. Amazon announced on April 1 that it would ban third-party sellers from selling 3D printers by 2023 and develop and start selling its 3D printers in 2024.

Fortunately, Amazon did not suddenly announce a ban on sales, giving sellers of this category a buffer period. As Amazon receives more than 2 billion website visits per month, many sellers sell 3D printers on Amazon.

In a recent press release, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy announced that the plan would take Amazon to a new level and that the company would move into the rapid 3D printing field to fulfill its vision.

There are reports that its internal board of directors believes that it will rise to fame in the additive manufacturing market in just a few years and that it will be one of the biggest manufacturers of rapid 3D printing soon.

Amazon plans to offer affordable 3D printers based on FDM technology, not only for individuals but also for businesses. The 3D printer, priced below $100, will appear in Amazon Basics' product line with a value proposition that makes rapid 3D printing available to everyone.

Earlier this week, Joseph Crabtree, the CEO and founder of a company that offers post-processing systems for 3D printed parts said: "I think that in the next three years, 3D printing's focus should shift to manufacturing. We have gone through all kinds of hype cycles. We will have succeeded if we can get to a point where rapid 3D printing is no longer a novelty. If we can make 3D printing a tool that can be used in conjunction with the same types of factories as other manufacturing technologies, then we have done our job.”

3D printing is still a rapidly developing industry that will be applied in more and more areas. Among them, 3D rapid prototype printing is also expected to gain popularity in a wider range of fields. Though 3D rapid prototype printing is not the most widely used rapid prototyping technique, its capacity to produce complex-structured parts makes it an indispensable and irreplaceable one.

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