Dyson has released a headset called Dyson Zone, a combination of a headset + an air-purifying mask. It indicates the trend of earphones + everything is on the rise. As a CNC machined parts supplier, X Rapid Technologies would like to share the latest trend in the consumer economics industry and what we learn from it.

It is Dyson's first time entering the field of wearable devices. The principle is putting an air purification system in the ear covers, which has a motor that actively draws in the air. Its primary function is to provide fresh and clean air. And it cannot block virus infections and cannot be used as an anti-epidemic mask. In addition to its function as an air purifier, it also has listening and active noise reduction technology.

According to reports, the sales of wearable devices in China reached 140 million units in 2021, increasing by 25% year on year. Among them, headphones are again the hottest segment, with nearly 80 million units sold for the year, accounting for more than half of all devices and a year-on-year growth rate of 55%. The international market is the same. The global wireless headset sales in 2016 were 10 million, but by 2021, has soared 30 times to 300 million.

As the market booms in China, the current headphone innovation is not solely related to noise reduction and sound quality. But it is trending to be headphones + everything. For example, the Chinese video platform bilibili has launched its wireless headphones. When you tap the left ear headset, you can give likes to the bilibili video you are watching.

Last month, HONOR launched a headset that can measure body temperature. You can not only take your temperature manually at any time but also periodically and automatically in the background according to the setting. It sends an alert when the body temperature exceeds 38 degrees Celsius. When you use smartwatches to measure body temperature, you can only get the skin's temperature. If the contact is poor, the temperature difference will be far, which will affect the accuracy of temperature measurement. In comparison, the headset temperature measurement is more accurate.

HONOR said they made the temperature headset mainly for the big picture strategy. There are smartwatches to measure heart rate or blood oxygen. And there are also intelligent headphones to measure the temperature. The combination of various devices can realize more than 75% of the vital sign monitoring, thus generally achieving full-scene coverage of personal health monitoring. So, the headset becomes significant for the big manufacturers to complete the scene closed loop.

What can CNC machined parts suppliers can learn from the new trend?

CNC machining parts suppliers can help accelerate the innovation speed. It took Dyson six years to finish the R&D of the new headphone. It is not the only manufacturer keen on innovating headphones. Other well-known manufacturers might have been working on it for a long time. With a short lead time, CNC machined parts suppliers can deeply participate in the R&D processes, thus helping them go into the market quicker.

As a conventional consumer electronics manufacturer, it is Dyson's first time entering the market. Predictably, other well-known businesses are likely to join in. Dyson Zone gives an advanced glimpse for CNC machining parts suppliers to dive into the prototyping solutions of creative headphones. 

The wearable device market is getting more interesting. As a CNC machining parts supplier, X Rapid Technologies will keep following.