The world has been changed by the 3-year COVID-19 pandemic. The CNC machining service in China is no different. Nevertheless, I still recommend that you get a CNC prototyping partner in China when you need one. Why?

1. Growing CNC technology and use of Five- and Six-Axis Machines

Five-axis CNC machines continue to become more compact and cost-effective. Meanwhile, six-axis CNC machines are also becoming more practical and popular in China. They allow CNC companies to improve manufacturing speed and efficiency, as well as help them mill more complex shapes without removing and adjusting the part being worked on. 

CNC prototyping technologies in China are still progressing, which can surely meet the growing needs of new product development.

CNC Machining/Prototyping Service in China

2. Relatively lower costs

Though the population of India exceeded that of China to rank the world’s first most populous country on March 4th this year, the demographic dividend of China still helps keep labor costs at a relatively low level. So the costs of CNC machining services in China are still much lower than those of western countries. For companies who develop big-sized products, such as automotive and medical device companies. The cost of prototyping is not a small number. Choosing CNC prototyping in China can save a lot of money.

3. Stable lead time because of strictly controlled pandemic

It has been unexpectedly three years since the COVID-19 pandemic. The global epidemic situation remains grave. Due to strict anti-epidemic measures of "dynamic zero cases", China continues to rank among the countries with the lowest confirmed case numbers. 

There are a large number of CNC machining companies in Guangdong Province in the south of China. Many of them are located in Shenzhen. As it is known to all, Shenzhen is an international city known for its high efficiency and high speed of development. You might hear that Shenzhen is also doing a great job combating COVID-19. On March 13th, the Shenzhen government announced a one-week lockdown to restrain growing cases. Many people rushed to their offices to get their computers home so they could work from their homes easily. Indeed, this is the spirit of Shenzhen and the people living there. They always take their work seriously. Therefore, you can always trust that they can provide you with stable CNC machining services in China even when there is an epidemic. While in most countries, the rising number of people who get infected definitely has a negative influence on manufacturing efficiency. 

CNC Machining/Prototyping Service in China

4. Manufacturing-as-a-Service trends

CNC machining companies in China normally own a range of equipment, not only CNC machines but also other equipment like 3D printers, vacuum casting machines, and silk screening devices. For businesses that need manufacturing capacity but don’t want to do it in-house, they just need to turn to a central manufacturer who will get all related work done. For example, if you want to do CNC prototyping in China, your manufacturer takes it as a custom project. They finish all the work even if they don’t have a specific production capacity, and get it done by outsourcing to their partners. In this way, it helps to streamline the process and reduce associated costs. 

Then how do you find a manufacturer of CNC machining services in China?

Prototyping manufacturers in China are located primarily in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, and Bohai Rim industrialized areas. In 2020, there were over 1,000 prototyping manufacturers in Shenzhen and 200 in Shanghai. How can you find them?

Google. I guess Google would be your first choice to search for a CNC machining service provider in China. The data also proves this. Try those who rank on the first page which can simply prove that they have their own websites and are running them cannily. 

B2B platforms. There are some top B2B platforms for overseas importers, namely, Alibaba, Global Sources, Made-in-China, and DHgate. As CNC machining is a customized service, you still need to communicate with your candidate manufacturers off the platform. All the B2B platforms just help to save you time to search one by one. 

LinkedIn. CNC prototyping companies in China who do international businesses usually have official LinkedIn accounts and post regularly. 

Through the above methods, you can easily find hundreds of CNC machining service providers. How to tell which one is the one you need? 

In my opinion, in spite of what the manufacturers say, send them a testing inquiry to check their prices and capabilities. It's not just about the price when it comes to a quote. An entire solution is involved. You can tell the capacity of the CNC prototyping provider in China from its quotation. 

If you want to be sure of your judgment, it's better to place a small test order. From the CNC machined part, you will know their machining capacities, for example, how they deal with the radius, if the finishing work is good enough, if they pack properly to ensure safe shipment, and so on.

X Rapid Technologies always welcome testing inquiries and is ready to offer you the best solutions.

FAQs of CNC Machining Services in China

1. In what cases should I choose a CNC prototyping manufacturer in China?

In most cases, the priority of companies or individuals who want to work with Chinese CNC machining manufacturers is low costs. Sure, the costs are lower because of the relatively lower labor costs in China. So if you are looking for a way to save money, a Chinese CNC machining service provider is a good choice.

However, working with a CNC prototyping manufacturer in China is cross-border trade. International shipping times need to be considered. Don’t worry. Manufacturers in China are highly efficient. Whereas, it is known to all that international shipping is not stable because of the influence of COVID-19. The CNC manufacturer is a good choice if you don't care too much about tight lead time.

2. How can I place a CNC machining testing order to check the capabilities?

Consider tolerances, materials, special structures, finishing needs, etc. Provide them with a 2D drawing that states all your requirements. Then you'll be able to see if the CNC prototyping manufacturer in China fully understands your engineering language. That really matters if you plan to work with them for a long time. If they understood your 2D drawings, it would save you a lot of time.

3. Are the CNC prototyping technologies of China not good as those of other countries, especially those American and European countries?

Honestly, CNC prototyping technologies in China develop slower than in American and European countries. But they are developing. And so many Chinese CNC manufacturing companies have worked with foreign companies for years, which proves that they can meet their demands well. This won't be a problem for you.

At X Rapid Technologies, we embrace Manufacturing-as-a-Service by arranging a 1-on-1 account manager for each project. By following up on each project from A to Z, we ensure stable quality and lead time. If you are planning to do CNC prototyping in China, we are happy to be at your service.