New products keep emerging every day. Most of them make our life better and more fun thanks to genius designers and engineers. As a prototyping company, it is lucky for us to witness the born of so many new products. CNC prototype services have played a vital role in new product development in design verification.

There are many ways to make rapid prototypes. However, CNC machining is the most popular method due to its wide choice of materials, short processing time, and excellent surface treatment effects. Then how can CNC prototype services help you to realize your ideas?

1. Verify the appearance of the design

Design is one thing, but manufacturing is another. After a design finishes, you need to make prototypes before mass production to test if the color and other finishing are possible and available to be realized. In this case, the inner structure is less crucial than the surface finishing.


2. Verify the structure of the design

Apart from the appearance, you also need to test the structure of the new design. By prototyping, you will know if the product is possible to manufacture and if there is any interference among different parts. It requires high tolerances. The tolerances of CNC prototyping are the highest among others.


3. Verify the function of the design

To test the function of a new product, it requests the prototype to be almost the same as the end-use product, including the appearance, structure, and functionality. It is the most challenging and demanding of all CNC prototype services. 


After prototyping, designers and engineers can adjust and improve their designs and avoid defects in the final products. By offering CNC prototype services, X Rapid Technologies is honored to help many companies to seize the market, especially in the automotive and medical industries. We are always prepared to assist more businesses.