1. A sheet metal fabrication company should have related machines

In general, the basic equipment of a sheet metal parts factory includes shear machines, CNC punching machines, laser/plasma/waterjet cutting machines, combination machines, bending machines, and various auxiliary equipment such as uncoilers, leveling machines, deburring machines, spot welders, etc. Some small CNC companies don’t have all the above machines and they work with professional sheet metal fabrication companies. If you mind this, it is recommended that you try larger CNC companies.

Sheet metal fabrication company

2. A sheet metal fabrication company should have related skills

There are a series of machining processes involved. They are cutting, bending, welding, riveting, tapping, etc. The company should have skilled technicians to finish the whole process. Take CNC companies as an example. Operators proficient in CNC machining may not be adept at other sheet metal fabrication processes. Therefore, there are companies focusing only on sheet metal fabrication.

sheet metal cutting at X Rapid Technologies

3. A sheet metal fabrication company should have a supplier network

Fabrication of sheet metal uses a variety of machines and processes, as mentioned above. It is unfeasible and impractical that one company can do all the jobs. So they have to cooperate with other suppliers. It is understandable. That’s why some CNC companies state that they can fabricate sheet metals. Possibilities are that they outsource the orders. Don’t worry that the cost would be higher. As the number of orders is high, the expense is relatively lower than if you work with them directly. Also, they are more likely to get the supplier that suits your demands well, which helps you save time and money.

4. A sheet metal fabrication company should have project management abilities

As some work needs to be done by their partners, such as chrome plating and anodizing, sheet metal fabrication companies should excel in project management. They should be able to cooperate with their suppliers smoothly to guarantee lead time and quality. So you won't be keeping worried during the whole process. Usually, a small trial order can help you figure out if a new supplier is the one you want.

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