Rapid prototyping is a must for testing new designs. Compared to building a prototyping department, seeking to work with rapid manufacturing companies is more economical and less troublesome. China's rapid prototypes LLCs are notable for their low costs, high efficiency, and responsiveness. So this article explores how rapid manufacturing companies in China work.

Organization structure of Chinese rapid manufacturing companies 

A medium- or large-sized prototyping company usually has a marketing department, sales department, quotation department, production department, inspection department, purchasing department, human resources, and administration department. The production department often is composed of many subdivisions including the programming department, CNC machining workshop, vacuum casting workshop, 3D printing workshop, sheet metal fabrication workshop, manual treatment department, packing department, etc. Of course, the organization structures of different rapid prototypes LLCs vary. It also depends on the development phase of the company.

Workflow of Chinese rapid manufacturing companies 

In a rapid prototype LLC, the marketing department is responsible for getting leads via a series of marketing campaigns like SEM advertisements and SEO. Then the sales approach potential customers by e-mails and calls. When there are inquiries, the quotation department makes a cost list and the sales offer the quotation to the customer. There will be negotiations if the customer doesn’t accept it the first time. After the quotation is confirmed, the production will get the production task list and starts programming for manufacturing based on 3D files provided by the client. As soon as the machining is complete, the worker in the manual treatment department post-treats the parts as needed. 

Inspection work will be done afterward, including checking the sizes, tolerances, etc. Once the parts are assembled, they will be tested to check if there are issues. If there are problems, they will be solved before packing and shipment. On some occasions, some foreign companies will not use the inspection department of the prototyping company. They employ their quality inspector in China to ensure high quality of plastic and metal rapid prototypes from partner companies/LLCs and fewer after-sales problems.

In X Rapid Technologies, the sales also act as a project manager who is in charge of his or her project from beginning to end and coordinates with all the departments. Each client has a 1-on-1 project manager. 

How to work with X Rapid Technologies

As one of the plastic and metal rapid prototype companies/LLCs, X Rapid Technologies sticks to the project management business model. In this way, we never are afraid when issues arise because the person in charge is certain. Just turn to the 1-on-1 project manager, and he or she will, by all means, have the problems solved. As a result, we can guarantee the quality of plastic and metal prototypes among other companies. If you want to work with a prototyping company like us, please send us your 3D files (in CAD, STP, STEP, IGS, or X_T format), and you will get an instant quote within 24 hours with your parts ready about 7 working days!