The most significant benefit of using textures to mimic special surface finishes is that it can help organizations decide which finishings to use and which to avoid in follow-up mass production after prototyping.


X Rapid Technologies is a leading prototyping services provider which provides a wide range of finishing options, including special textures. It is mostly used when a project requires us to create appearance models for plastic products. 

Some of our clients want to find out how their products may look when it uses a special texture on the surfaces of plastic parts. For this purpose, we use ABS plastic to create the prototype and apply different painting and printing methods to imitate a surface like wood or metal. 

How do we make the texture look like a wooden surface?

We begin by using an ABS plate machined via a CNC machine. Once the machining is complete, the finishing work is carried out using the water transfer printing technique. The printing method has become highly preferred because it is long-lasting. 

The wood grain design on plastics using water transfer can look very realistic and perfectly imitate wooden surfaces. 

In addition to water transfer printing, there are other options for creating special surfaces on plastic based on the requirements of our clients and the texture they are seeking. Our team will be able to make suggestions on the best printing or painting techniques for a project. 

Can the surface be finished to look like gemstones?

Yes, we have worked with ABS plastic prototypes with a special surface finishing to achieve the look of gemstones like amber. While the plastic prototype by CNC machining, the special surface finishing is usually carried out using water transfer. 

We can customize the surface finish based on our client’s requirements. So, if you have a special surface finish in mind, feel free to discuss it with us. 

What are the advantages of using special surface finishing for prototypes?

When the goal of building a prototype is to find out if the product looks as good in reality as it looks in computer drawings, then it is ideal to have the project built in a way that it completely imitates the real product. In spite of size constraints, the appearance of the prototype does not have to be compromised. 

Different textures can help you see how the product will look after finishing. Advantages of doing this are:

· Improved decision-making – The greatest advantage of using textures to imitate special surface finishing is that it can help an organization effortlessly decide which finishing to use and which ones to avoid for their product. This can play a crucial role when the product reaches the market, especially when the appearance of the product can make a difference to the target customers. 

· Save costs by failing early – There are times when a project does not look as good as it was meant to. The computer drawings may have seemed perfect, but the product may not hold the same amount of charm because of the surface finishing. This can help companies avoid losses at a later stage. By failing early, companies have the chance to use their capital in improving the design and launch a strong product that will succeed in the market. 

· Understand design changes for different finishing – Different surface finishes can be done for prototypes to help companies decide which finish is best for their product. 

At X Rapid Technologies, we use advanced equipment and modern technologies to create realistic surface finishes. If you are unsure of the finishing that you want for your project, our team will also be able to provide you with suggestions.