Q. What is rapid tooling?

A. Rapid tooling (RT) produces a low volume of hundreds or thousands of parts via rapid molds. It shortens the time and cost of the product. It is employed not only for rapid injection molding prototyping or prototype plastic molding but also for low-volume production.

Q. What molds X Rapid Technologies will use for direct rapid tooling?

A. Molds used in direct rapid tooling are usually made of aluminum, steel, silicone, or resin. Our professional engineers will help you decide what mold to use.

Q. Does X Rapid Technologies provide plastic rapid prototyping services via rapid tooling?

A. Certainly. For plastic rapid prototyping, rapid tooling is more for situations where a relatively large amount of plastic prototypes are needed. Otherwise, it is not cost-effective for plastic prototype manufacturing.

Q. What materials of prototypes of the products are available for rapid tooling?

A. Any plastics and rubber material of actual production grades are available for rapid tooling to make prototypes of the products.

Q. What are the finishings for rapid tooling?

A. No matter if it is for prototype fabrication or short-run production, those finishings available for plastic parts can be done to rapid tooling parts.

Q. What roles does rapid tooling play in rapid prototype development?

A. In rapid prototype development, rapid tooling is a low-volume production choice for plastic prototype manufacturing which helps to verify the design before going to mass production or testing the market.

Q. Is there a minimum order quantity for rapid tooling?

A. At X Rapid Technologies, we don’t have the minimum order quantity for rapid tooling. If it is for prototype plastic molding, the quantity is usually dozens or hundreds of parts. If the amount is too small, the tool cost is hardly offset by the product cost. Then rapid tooling is not necessary.

Q. What is the lead time of rapid tooling?

A. It depends on the quantities, product sizes, and finishing. It often takes longer than other rapid prototyping methods.

Q. When do I need rapid tooling?

A. Rapid tooling is widely applied for the production of light usage or the short-run manufacturing of large parts within a short turnaround time. It could be prototype fabrication or end-use product manufacturing.

Q. What other product prototyping services does X Rapid Technologies offer?

A. Besides rapid tooling, for product prototyping services, we provide CNC machining, vacuum casting, 3D printing, extrusion, and die casting. There is also another rapid injection molding prototyping service that uses molds like rapid tooling. It is reaction injection molding.