Q. What is 3D printing?

A. 3D printing is a kind of additive manufacturing through which three-dimensional objects can be produced based on 3D drawings. It is also called additive manufacturing (AM).

Q. What 3D printing rapid prototype services does X Rapid Technologies provide?

A. In addition to SLA 3D printing service, we do offer other popular 3D printing rapid prototype services such as SLS, SLM, DMLS, FDM, etc. 

Q. What are the materials for SLA printed parts?

A. The materials for SLA printed parts are Photopolymer Resins such as Huntsman RenShape and SOMOS NeXt. You can read more about the materials of the SLA 3D printing service on our blog.

Q. What 3D printers for prototyping does X Rapid Technologies use?

A. The 3D printers for prototyping we use are the most advanced ones. At X Rapid Technologies, we constantly update our 3D printers to ensure we can meet our customers' changing needs.

Q. What are the applications of rapid 3D printing? 

A. 3D printing is widely applied to make prototypes, masters for molds, and molds. With the advancement of technology, 3D printing is becoming more and more involved in end-use production. You can read our blog for more details.

Q. What are the finishings for rapid 3D printing prototyping?

A. The common surface treatments are all available for rapid 3D printing prototyping, including sanding, painting, silk screening, laser etching, and electroplating. It depends on the materials. For example, if the material is PA (Nylon) which is hard to adhere to paints, painting is not suitable.

Q. Why 3D printing prototype services?

A. 3D printing prototype services are an optimal solution for complicated parts with finely detailed features. In these cases, if we use CNC machining, the complex part cannot be made in one piece but separately and glued together. Also, 3D printing is very fast and offers special materials that other prototyping methods do not offer.

Q. What is the lead time of 3D printing rapid prototyping services?

A. 3D printing rapid prototyping services are usually quick. The exact lead time will depend on the specific 3D printing processes, quantities, and finishing.

Q. Is additive manufacturing rapid prototyping?

A. Additive manufacturing is only a way of rapid prototyping. They are not the same. There are many other manufacturing ways of rapid prototyping, like CNC machining and vacuum casting.

Q. Can I use 3D printing for low-volume production?

A. Yes. For low-volume production products like toys, handicrafts, and 3D logos, 3D printing is commonly used.